The Season of Giving

Christmas gifts.

Christmas gifts. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I love this time of the year, Christmas that is. Growing up my family had the best Christmas tradition.  We would pull out the big Christmas tree and decorate it with lights, ornaments, tinsils, and peppermint candy canes. My mom would buy varieties of fruits, nuts, and holiday candy for the house all month long.  We would watch Christmas movies all day and night with all the lights off just so we could see the beautiful christmas tree lights shine so bright.  We’re all grown up now but I sure would love to go back in time and relive those memories. Our tradition was easy in the beginning, it only became difficult as we got closer to Christmas day.  It would be hard to sleep because we were so excited about tearing to pieces those neatly wrapped gifts that my carefully placed under the tree the night before. The older I got however, I began to realize that Christmas is much more than what I innocently thought.

I begin to take more seriously the true reason for this season. Being raised in church my entire life this wasn’t a new idiom of thought; but rather a fuller awareness of what Christmas is indeed founded upon.  Christmas, a day we have set aside to celebrate our Savior’s birth. His birth simply couldn’t be ignored; as it was a miraculous birth foretold and foreordained at the beginning of time. His birth fulfilled Old Testament prophecies and marked the beginning of God’s plan for redemption and salvation fully manifested. The Word became flesh and dwelt amongst us (John 1:14). I have come across many people who have argued, that if Jesus birth was truly real, He could not possibly have been born on Dec. 25.  I do not dispute that. But it doesn’t change the fact that the Messiah, the root of David, the King of the Jews was born.  That along is enough to celebrate everyday!

In the gospels that records Jesus’ birth, it is mentioned that wise men came and offered gifts of gold, frankincense, and myrrh to the baby Jesus. Many people believe this is the origin of the tradition of gift giving which began with the wise men offering gifts to honor the baby Jesus. Thus, Christmas has evolved to what we now know it as, the giving and receiving of gifts on Christmas day.

Acts 20:35b (KJV) ….Remember the words of the Lord Jesus, how he said, “It is more blessed to give than to receive.”

 This particular saying of Jesus Christ was not recorded in any of the gospels which is not unusual as the bible states in John 21:25 that all His sayings were not recorded in the scriptures. So those who heard these unrecorded messages obviously regarded them equally as profitable enough to shared them with others. The message is clear and quite simple; we are to consider ourselves blessed to be able to give than to be in the position of receiving. This verse bring to mind the saying: I would rather be the lender and not the borrower.  What it all boils down to is our perception of our lives. Often times we measure ourselves to those around us the wrong way. If we don’t have the luxuries of  life, an accomplished career, and etc., we seem to think that we are somehow failures.  But we are more than that. You are not a failure. I am not a failure. We are not failures. We are blessed! What better way than to show the world and to declare to yourself how truly blessed you are through the act of giving to someone in need. Let’s measure our lives not by how we can be like or better than those around us but by what we can do for them, how we can help them, encourage them, and build them up. After all, it’s not all about the tangible gifts that we have to offer, but much more than that. I’m grateful to God that I am able to give and put a smile on someone’s face this Christmas than to be without and in need.
Dear friends as we wrap our gifts, prepare our holiday meals, entertain families and friends this holiday season, count yourself above all things blessed. Let’s join together and pray for those who are in need; and if the opportunity arises to give to someone in need, remember that this is The Season of Giving!  
Merry Christmas
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